Get Involved! Elections! And more!

Elections! Pub Night!

On Friday, September 21 at 5pm (following COL1000), the Comp Lit Course Union Elections will take place in the VIC Carrels (Basement of Victoria College). The term for all positions is 1 year (with the exception of the policy committee rep, who serves for two years). Please go wild with nominations (nominations should be sent to the GCOMPLIT or can be left in the comments section below). No experience is necessary!

1. The course union is a great way to get involved with activities around campus. Please feel free to email any of the incumbents if you have any questions (for a list, see the ABOUT section)
Positions Available:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • GSU Rep
  • Northrop Frye Rep
  • Policy Committee (2012–2014)
  • CUPE Unit 2 Steward (you must work for Victoria to hold this position)

For more information, check out the descriptions of duties in the Constitution.

2. GEC:
The Graduate Education Council, which meets approximately twice a semester, is a great place to begin your involvement in governance at the U of T. It’s an advisory council, so it’s recommendations aren’t binding. However, sitting on the GEC will give a student the idea of what is going on in the university, and especially, issues that might affect them or other graduate students. The meetings are only two hours, and adjourn on time (this is a rarity.) It’s a great opportunity to meet students from other departments, from the GSU, and faculty/administrators. Successful members of the A/S council, the Governing Council, and the GSU mostly got their start as GEC representatives. Email Adleen (adleen.crapo [at] if you have any further questions about the GEC.

GEC forms will be available on the following website as of the 5th of September.

3. PUB NIGHT. Come by for a minute, an hour, or stay all night. We buy the food–the rest is up to you.


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