Complit Social

Join us this Friday for the very first Complit Social (tentatively called CHOMP – ask Andrea 😉 ), brought to you by Andrea, Liza, and me, and supported by the course union. Come and make history with us!

We plan to make this a regular event, that will keep happening throughout summer as well as when the academic year starts again! Bring your sexy selves and enjoy the company of wonderful people that you may not even know are wonderful despite being in the same program! We shall play games, create, chat, craft, listen to music, read poetry, while snacking and drinking tea — whatever your heart desires.

Let us not be swallowed up whole by the black hole that is academia! We are so much more than that :). So let us use this space to bond over things other than the work (in a narrow sense) we produce! Fight the loneliness and the competitiveness that is fostered by the university setting, and let us build a community that will unite us in our diversity. We’re all struggling, but we’re all in this together, so let’s kick back, chill, and enjoy our Friday afternoons in a space free of judgment and pressure.

This is a comp lit event, but people in LCT and other departments are very welcome


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