New Semester, New Beginnings

Dear complit friends,

Kris speaking. On behalf of the student union, I welcome you to Toronto, to UofT, and to the Centre for Comparative Literature! We wish you a wonderful semester and year, and look forward to meeting you and spending time with you.

Elections happened on Friday, September 23, and so it is with teary eyes that we bid farewell to last year’s union. In my own personal name, I would like to particularly thank and congratulate Irina, our previous President, and Jeanne, my co-VP. They honestly did such a wonderful job, and the handover went as neatly as it could go, thanks to their assiduous and steadfast work throughout the year. It was such a pleasure to share last year with you.

And I am sure it will be just as great a pleasure to work with the new exec, which is as follows:

President: Andrea Ennis-Booth
Vice-President: Kristopher Poulin-Thibault
Treasurer: Matthew Larocque Coulas
GSU Representatives: Tal Isaacson, Amelia Bailey
Policy Committee, 2015-2017: Liza Futerman
Policy Committee, 2016-2018: Natasha Hay
Northrop Frye Representative: Julia Martins
Social Chair: Lily Tarba

We promise to do our best to live up to the expectations the previous team has set, and exceed them, even! I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that a lot of useful info about the union, and a variety of other things, can be found on our blog ( I have updated the different department stewards and their contact info for the year, for us TAs and CIs. As well, we have added a tab about how to request for funding from the union (, which is a new process, so please take good note of it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of us for anything. We’re friendly people and we love you! We’re here for you!

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your semester. May this year bring you joy, growth, and love.

Yours truly,
Kris, your (previous and current) VP

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