Resources for New Students


BlogTO, a blog about Toronto, lists a “Best Of” for a range of restaurants, shops, hairdressers, etc. across the city. It also has nice photographs of different neighbourhoods from their Flickr pool.

The Toronto International Film Festival will be in full swing during the first few weeks of term.

The School of Graduate Studies’ Grad Guide is here for 2013-2014!


Know your rights—be sure to check the Ontario Tenants’ Rights website!

Rentals are posted on Craigslist,, Kijiji, and Padmapper.

Be prepared: if you’re signing a lease, a deposit will be required for the first and last months of rent.


There are lots of food options on campus. Here is a good map of campus with a list and description of the dining halls, cafeterias, and cafés.

The St. George (downtown) campus does not sell water bottles—remember to bring a reusable one for all your hydration needs.