As a student at U of T, you receive extended health care and dental benefits through the Graduate Students’ Union, and, if you are a TA with CUPE 3902, you have access to a further Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) as part of your Collective Agreement. The HCSA is $800 for Unit 1; the amount varies for Units  2 (Vic) & 4 (SMC).

Health and Dental Plans at U of T:

  1. Domestic Students: OHIP or Provincial Health Plan
  2. International Students: UHIP
  3. GSU Extended Health Benefits (Greenshield)
  4. CUPE 3902, Unit 1 Health Care Spending Account (Prosure)
    2. You must be a member of CUPE3902 to be eligible, and work more than 50 hours in 2012-2013.
    3. Maximum claim is $800/benefit year
    4. Claim Form
  5. CUPE 3902, Unit 2 (Victoria College) Health Care Spending Account
    2. You must be a member of CUPE3902 and employed by Victoria College to be eligible, and work more than 50 hours in 2012-2013.
    3. Enrollment in the Unit 2 HCSA is not automatic, so please se the details provided at the link above.
  6. CUPE 3902, Unit 4 (St. Michael’s College)
    1. Bargaining for an initial Collective Agreement is still under way with St. Michael’s. Please monitor the CUPE Unit 4 page for the latest details.

Important Dates:

  1. Claim Year: September 1–August 31
  2. Opt-out of GSU Health and Dental Plan: Beginning of October (please check the GSU website for specific dates every year)
  3. Claims can be submitted to Greenshield: AFTER end of October in a given year
  4. Deadline for submitting claims to HCSA: October 30

OHIP/UHIP—Mandatory for all students

    1. Basic health insurance

i.     Doctor’s visit
ii.     Hospital visit
iii.     Emergencies
iv.     Surgeries, medically necessary procedures
v.     Tests
vi.     Counselling and Psych services (through U of T, or if OHIP approved)

    1. UHIP pays up to $1,000,000/year for each member for the cost of eligible medically necessary health services and medical treatments, including gynaecological exam

i.     Diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury
ii.     Surgery, including the administration of anaesthetics
iii.     Care related to pregnancy (prenatal and postnatal), even if pregnancy began before arrival in Ontario (Please refer to “Specific Healthcare Services” for details)
iv.     The UHIP plan is administered by Sunlife Financial

    1. UHIP Important facts:

i.     All students are automatically enrolled
ii.     Family members are eligible, but you must pay the premium
iii.     Make sure to show your UHIP card at the doctor’s; most hospitals/doctors will invoice UHIP/SunLife directly.

    1. U of T Health Centre:

214 College Street, 2nd Floor
Koffler Student Services Building
Telephone: (416) 978-8030

  1. GSU/Greenshield
    1. This is a reimbursement plan. This means that you pay out of pocket for the expenses, mail in your receipt and claim form, and they will reimburse you.
    2. Mail claims to:

Green Shield Canada,
P. O. Box 1699
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 7G6


  • i.     They frequently only pay a portion of the expense (eg., 70% for dental, for instance, or $15/chiropractor visit).

  • ii.     You can insure family members for an additional premium

  • iii.     I recommend that you set up direct deposit to get your reimbursement more quickly.

  • iv.     Always make a copy of your receipts

    1. Extended Health insurance covers things like:
       i.     Prescription drugs (80%)
      ii.     Glasses; vision exam (every 2 years) ($125; $75)
      iii.     Physiotherapy ($15/visit; not sports injuries)
      iv.     Chiropractor, acupuncture, naturopath ($15/visit)
      v.     Massage ($25/visit)
      vi.     Orthotics ($350)
      vii.     Travel Insurance

Caution! Some benefits have yearly maximums

    1. Dental insurance
      i.     Cleaning
      ii.     Fillings
      iii.     Exams
      iv.     X-rays
    1. Benefit booklet:,30132,30133&lang=en-CA

i.     I highly recommend that you download the benefit booklet and have a good look at it.

    1. FAQs on how to make claims:
    2. Opting out:
      i.     Full-time domestic students 25 and under may be covered under their parents’ extended healthcare plans.
  1. You would need to provide that insurance company with proof of FT enrolment
  2. You can then opt-out of the GSU/Greenshield coverage, and you will receive a refund of approx $200 for the health plan and $135 for the dental plan.
    1. For students in 2012-2013:
      i.     You have 12 months from the Date of Service to submit claims from the previous year (September 1, 2011-August 31, 2012).
  1. CUPE/Prosure/HCSA
    1. The HCSA is part of the CUPE unit 1 contract. It is basically “free money” that you can you to help pay for dental and health benefits.
    2. Once you have claimed your eligible expenses, send a copy of that report and a copy of your original receipt to Prosure.
    3. They mail you a cheque.
    4. The HCSA is worth $800 in 2010-2011.

You must submit claims within 60 days following any given August 31 (October 30).

    1. IF you did not opt out of the GSU plan, AND have money left in your HCSA, you can claim the health and dental premiums back through the HCSA. That is, you send in your ROSI invoice showing the GSU premiums paid on your behalf and they reimburse you—for money that you didn’t spend in the first place!

It’s win-win.

  1. Other Useful Information:
    Birth Control/Women’s Health
    You can get discounted birth control, without paying dispensing fees, at:

    U of T Health Centre (See address above)

    Bay Centre for Birth Control (
    790 Bay Street, (southwest corner of College and Bay)
    8th floor
    Toronto, ON M5G 1N8

      1. Travel Insurance:

i.     The travel insurance is one of the best parts of the GSU plan:

      1. Coverage is for a maximum of 60 days/trip.
      2. You can take 4 60-day trips/year and receive full coverage for each
      3. If your trip will be more than 60 days, you can pay for an extension to the same plan. When I extended my coverage by 40 days, it cost me an extra $80 or so. That’s a lot cheaper than other travel insurance!
      4. You do not need to notify them prior to departure.