The CompLit Students’ Tribune : 1st edition in Montréal

The first edition of the  Comparative Literature Students’ Tribune, a new collaborative event co-organized by students from the Université de Montréal and the University of Toronto, took place in Montréal last Friday, January 16th, 2015. The event featured presentations by students from four universities across Canada, including four presentations by students of our Centre, Saharnaz Samaeinejad, Pushpa Raj Acharya, Karen Yaworski and Liza Futerman.

This bilingual event was created to strengthen links between young scholars of comparative literature in Canada. We had very good feedback from participants and hope to see many of you at the next edition that will take place in Toronto, in the fall of 2015.

Below are the two wonderful posters of the event (Thanks to Erwan Geffroy !!), and the schedule of the event.

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January 16th, 2015, Université de Montréal, Carrefour des arts et des sciences

9h30 – 10h00 : Opening – Coffee
Opening remarks : Simon Harel, director, Comparative literature department, UdeM.
Presentation of the project by the four organizers: Elise Couture-Grondin (UofT), Erwan Geffroy (UdeM), Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard (UofT), Servanne Monjour (UdeM).

10h00 – 11h30 : Session A – Moderator – Julie Tremblay-Devirieux (Université de Montréal)
Dominique Hétu (Université de Montréal) : « Les géographies du care dans certaines œuvres littéraires contemporaines ».
Saharnaz Samaeinejad (University of Toronto) : « Apocaliptic and religio-utopian writers in modern Iran ».
Pushpa Raj Acharya (University of Toronto) : « Violence and fiction in South Asia ».

11h45 – 12h30 : Reflection of research-creation
« Performative interpenetration of practice and theory in artistic research », a performance presented by Jean-Francois Boisvenue (Université de Montréal).

12h30 : Lunch

14h – 15h30 : Session B – Moderator – Élise Couture-Grondin  (University of Toronto)
Matthew Cormier (Université de Moncton) : « Comparative Literature and its Strength in Lateral Argumentation ».
Louis-Thomas Leguerrier (Université de Montréal) : « Ulysse au XXe siècle : une rencontre entre pensée conceptuelle et personnification ».
Mathieu Li-Goyette (Université de Montréal) : « Pour une réflexion ontologique de la bande-dessinée ».
Karen Yaworski (University of Toronto): « “Hey, you!” “Who, me?”: Junot Díaz’s Play with the Second Person »

15h30 – 16h : Coffee break

16h – 17h30 : Session C – Moderator – Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard (University of Toronto)
Tyler Cook (Université de Moncton) : « From Daigle’s Pour sûr to Majzel’s For Sure; cultural loss, re-appropriation and gain in the translated work ».
Rasoul Aliakbari (University of Alberta) : « Critical Transversism: A Creative Approach to Comparative Literature “in Crisis” ».
Élisabeth Routhier (Université de Montréal) : « Intermédialité, littérature comparée, et frontières médiatiques ».
Liza Futerman (University of Toronto) : « Exoticisism, Parody and Exclusion in Aleksei Fedorchenko’s Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari ».

18h: Dinner

Tribune 2015 - BoyTribune 2015 - Femme